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Lauren Zimmerman


My Story

My Scentsy Story: I am a wife and mother of two great kids. My story is not different from a lot of other parents. I left corporate America after the birth of my children to be able to focus my attention on where it mattered most - with my family.  I was introduced to Scentsy by a friend. When I received my warmer and wax, I could not believe how much I loved it! The fragrance was incredible and I loved the decorative warmer. I automatically started telling people about Scentsy and what a great product it is. With Scentsy, it's really about sharing the product - not selling. It's just like recommending any of your favorites to your friends.  I decided to take a chance and become a consultant. I never pictured myself in direct sales! I figured that I would at least appreciate the little bit of extra money to support my “Scentsy Habit.” My first month with Scentsy showed me the potential of this business. I knew I could use this as a way to not return to a marketing position in corporate America and be the type of Mom I wanted to be. Scentsy is a unique and simple product that really catches on. It is a consumable product, so your customers will return to you time and time again. They call for gifts and they refer you to their friends and family! After just months with Scentsy, what I thought would be a little fun money to buy more Scentsy warmers or to treat my kids to a special treat has turned into a great paycheck. The biggest thing Scentsy's given me is time and money together.  I promoted to Director 8 months after joining Scentsy and love working my team members from all across the country. I received the  Annual Sales Award for Scentsy in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2013,  I was recognized as a Top 5 Power Ranking Director within Scentsy. I am so honored! I've earned vacations for my husband and myself to Disney World, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, Caribbean Cruise and Disney again.  If you love to travel, there's nothing like vacationing Scentsy Style! Whether you are looking for some extra spending money, a part-time income or a way to replace a full-time income, I’d love to talk with you more about the Scentsy opportunity! You can call or email me for a no-pressure conversation about what Scentsy has to offer you. It makes much more scents to chose Scentsy.  I look forward to hearing from you! Lauren Zimmerman – Independent Scentsy Director 8 time Annual Sales Award Earner Convention Presenter National Director Power Ranking Award 727.810.1544     <!--endbody-->  

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